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Keeper For The Day

Due to Covid regulations, we are unable to offer this experience at the moment. 

Are you looking for a special fun packed treat for someone who is animal crackers? Then here is your chance to purchase the perfect present of being a zookeeper for a day.

The day is tailored to suit each individual person. They will shadow a keeper, including working with the animals of their choice, making their special day a truly unique experience. The experience includes the daily feeding, cleaning, and care of all our feathered, furred and finned creatures of course not forgetting the slithery and creepy crawly little critters as well. They will be at ease amongst our friendly lemurs, meerkats, lizards and many more animals. Helping out at animal encounters is one of the high points of the day when the tortoises and snakes are introduced to the public. Ask as many questions as you like to our friendly keepers and join them for lunch (included in price).

For the morning session; you will need to be up with the lark to start at 8.30am and will finish at 12.30pm (£45). The afternoon sessions begin at 12.30pm-4.30pm (£45). Why not go the whole hog and book the day session which is from 8.30am till 4.30pm (£90). The age range starts from 14 years old and there is no upper age limit.

For more information please phone 01984 640688


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 Phone : 01984 640688