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Tropiquaria is small zoo, and as such our resources are sometimes limited. We do not receive government funding and rely solely on you, the visitor, to continue in the vital work we do. There are lots of ways people can help – and one of those is Sponsorships.

Sponsorships are like Animal Adoptions, except instead of a relatively small fee which contributes to the general day-to-day welfare needs of an animal, sponsorships are designed to fund bigger and longer-term improvements, such as upgrades or replacements of enclosures. Often these come from businesses, but anyone can be a sponsor, and contributions can be of any amount, or even in the form of a needed material, such as timber.

Take a look below and see the difference sponsorships can make!



Our African spurred tortoises are certainly living the good life in their new enclosure, with a large grassy paddock to enjoy and a toasty house to kick back in! This enclosure was constructed thanks to a sponsorship from Wilkie May and Tuckwood, West Somerset’s Premier Estate Agents. Thanks to their sponsorship we were able to upgrade the tortoises from their previous enclosure indoors, meaning they can be out and about whenever they like!



Tropiquaria is the largest breeder in the world for the genus of Mexican fish known as Goodeids. Most of them are critically endangered, and rely on zoos, aquariums and hobbyists to work together to ensure the survival of these little fish. In the last few years two species that were extinct in the wild have been returned to their native rivers. 

But this could not be done without the help of numerous individuals and businesses from around the world, who have supported us. We'd like to thank especially for the generous donation from Maidenhead Aquatics which enabled us to build this conservation display room to showcase our essential work to the public



In order to replicate their natural habitat, with the help once again from Maidenhead Aquatics, (their shop at Taunton is probably the best in the country), we built a pond in our Reptile Hall to house two of the rarest fish in the world. The Golden Skiffia, Skiffia francesae, and the Tequila Splitfin, Zoogoneticus tequila.

Both, until recently were extinct in the wild, but in recent years have been returned to their native habitat by the Mexicans, with help from zoos and aquariums like us. 



Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Eljet Exterior Cleaning, the serval enclosure at Tropiquaria was replaced with one almost 4 times the size – and our young serval is certainly enjoying it!
Eljet Exterior Cleaning is based in the local town of Minehead and will take excellent care of all your needs when it comes to cleaning gutters, windows, and loads more!  



The Yellow mongoose at Tropiquaria were upgraded into a different enclosure to better suite their needs, now that they are all kicking back for retirement! This enclosure was made possible by generous dnoations of materials from The Plastic People and Sheet Plastics



As the meerkat family at Tropiquaria grows, so too must their enclosure! This had been in the planning for some time, and was finally made possible in 2022 by four amazing sponsors!

NMA Insulation, a small independent insulation supplier based in Bridgewater, with over 20 years’ experience in the insulation business!

Harris Residential, a local estate agency in Watchet, and the best!

West Coast Angling Supplies – another fantastic local business, they’ll take care of all fishing needs!

Devon Baits – one of the leading suppliers of quality blast frozen baits!


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