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Unique Setting

The aquarium is to be found in the basement of the tropical hall at Tropiquaria. In the past it housed pipes and cables to service the huge radio transmitters that once were situated in the building. Today it houses thousands of fish covering over a hundred different species, in nearly 40 displays. 


Freshwater reigns supreme

Unlike many public aquariums in the UK who predominately display large marine fish, here we concentrate on the much smaller freshwater species, that are rarely seen in zoos and aquaria. We have some of the smallest and some of the rarest fish in the world. 


Leading the way in conservation

Tropiquaria has the largest breeding programme of Mexican Goodeids in the world. There are over 40 species of these small livebearing fish, and the vast majority of them are in severe danger of becoming extinct. We have over 100 breeding tanks of various sizes, helping to keep these species alive. 

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We still have the old favouriites

Whilst we concentrate on our freshwater species, we dont forget our marine fish. Children will recognise our clown fish and regal tangs, albeit by other names. 


Washford Cross
TA23 0QB


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