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Schools and groups









Tropiquaria is pleased to be able to admit large, pre-booked, groups at discounted rates, whether the visit is educational, entirely for fun, or for a mixture of the two. Education can be FUN! Both directors take the welfare of disabled and disadvantaged groups very seriously and with notice can arrange to make the visits of such groups more rewarding.

Jane Bassett is a former nurse with an interest in disabled young people and surgery. Chris Moiser is a former college lecturer in natural sciences and medical subjects and has worked in helping people come to terms with animal-related phobias.  Since taking over Tropiquaria they have entertained many different groups of visitors as well as the more regular educational visits. This has included several vulnerable groups, who visited during days in the winter months when Tropiquaria would normally be closed but opened exclusively for the group so that they were not distracted by other visitors, and (exclusive) evening opening for a photography group.

Planning your educational visit to Tropiquaria

The document below will assist you with your risk assessment paperwork, and can be downloaded in Adobe PDF format, by clicking on the link.

Risk Assessment Guidelines

The following document may also be of interest to both students and teachers.

Work Placements