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Who are we? Where are we?

Tropiquaria Zoo is one of the most unique zoos or wildlife parks in the country. The former "Art Deco" BBC radio transmitter station originally built in 1933, now houses our Tropical Hall, Nocturnal House and Aquarium.  Outside we have 4 acres of animal enclosures, along with our two life size pirate ships, and adventure castle,



Over 40 tanks can be found in the aquarium, housing fish and amphibians from around the world, including the second largest breeding programme in the world of Mexican Livebearing fish known as Goodeids. The Aquarium also houses our collection of spiders and creepy crawlies.


Nocturnal House

Built in 2017, using recycled double glazing windows, donated by a local double glazing firm, this area houses a number of rarely seen animals including one of the worlds smallest primates.   


Childrens Play Areas & Cafe

We have a number of play areas to allow children to use their imagination to the full. From our two lifesize pirate ships and our newly built Adventure Castle, to our indoor play castle. There is something to do in all weather, 


Animal Sanctuary

Unlike many larger Zoos, Tropiquaria occasionally takes in rescue animals............... 


Tropical Hall

Our Tropical Hall is situated in an old BBC Radio Transmitter Station. This Grade II listed buildin still receives waste heat from the current radio transmitter station, that occupies the rear of the building, to help heat our tropical hall. 



Tropiquaria is a world leader in the breeding and conservation of a critically endangered group of small fish known as Goodeids.

These small livebearing fish can only be found in Mexico, and are under severe pressure from both climate change and human action


Animal Encounters & Talks

With up to 4 animal encounter sessions, and up to 8 talks around the park daily, you have plenty of opportunity to get close and personal with our residents.

Hold a lizard or snake, or learn about our rare and endangered animals, there is something for everyone.


Washford Cross
TA23 0QB


 Phone: 01984 640688